Today is a good day for a new blog post because I have good news. I finally fixed my most annoying problem in my life, that is my SAMSUNG NP530U4C boot very very very sloooowwww, about 5-6 minutes.

I have searched and tried every possible way on the software side. I can confirm that nothing works! literally nothing! And I finally find the hardware side solution which permanently fixes it. So, I feel like I should share the final and the only solution to the problem here. Follow me!

The Symptom

  1. You experience the slow boot, the screen only shows the brand logo for at least 4-6 minutes before showing the Windows logo.
  2. Your laptop has ExpressCache software with the iSSD for caching. You can find it in your laptop’s specifications or features.
  3. When you access the BIOS menu (press F2 when it is booting), you experience delay responses when switching between menus.

At this moment, I am certain that there are 2 models which have this problem. The first model is SAMSUNG NP530U4C another model is ASUS ZenBook UX32VD. Therefore, if you have one of these and experiencing the aforementioned symptoms, follow me to the solution.


The Solution

You must be careful with this solution. I don’t suggest doing it yourself. Please consult a pro or computer shop near you!

  1. You need to find the blueprint of your mainboard to find where the iSSD located. Or you can search how to access the mainboard by searching a keyword, “your model + teardown”, at
    (In case you have SAMSUNG NP530U4C, follow this link.)
  2. Look for the iSSD on the mainboard as shown in the picture below.
    For SAMSUNG NP530U3C or NP530U4C 

    For Asus Zenbook UX32VD
  3. Tell the technician to remove the iSSD from the mainboard. I do not recommend doing it yourself because it is very risky to cause damage to your beloved laptop.
  4. Put all the components back in place and then turn the machine on.

The annoying slow boot is gone!!!


I hope this could help others who have the same problem as mind. Hope it saves your time trying to figure out how to solve it.

And finally, This is my iSSD which is taken out today!

If you have any problem, please contact me via this email b_nj18[at]